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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Brisbane’s been the new Seattle since November. Yesterday was the first rainless day we’ve had for two months, but it was too late for that. It all came to a head by Tuesday the eleventh of January, culminating in the biggest flood in Brisbane, and indeed the entire state of Queensland since 1974.

The Brisbane River overflows, inundating the surrounding suburbs.

What has happened in some parts of Queensland has been described by authorities as an ‘inland tsunami’, with destructive torrents ripping through homes and businesses at over twenty kilometres per hour. The 70 towns and cities the flood has passed through have been described as ‘ghost towns’ and ‘war zones’. The official death toll rose to 13 people this morning, while 43 remain missing.

Thankfully my suburb and home has been spared. I was more than a little panicked about the creek that flows behind my townhouse, and around my entire apartment complex, but it seems to function as a rather effective stormwater drainage system, and so the water levels are only high when it is raining (which, mind you, it had been for two months without reprieve). Most excellently, I haven’t been able to go to work for the past two days and presumably for the rest of the week, as power and access to the Brisbane CBD has been cut off. That has afforded me a chance to catch up on some writing, some Red Dead Redemption, and even apply for a freelance gig at IGN AU.

My first order of business, though, is to finally fill you in on ‘The Burglary’. Yes, the thief was apprehended back in September and nine Wii games recovered initially, but by November the police had recovered all of my stolen consoles and games, which of course I was (and am) absolutely thrilled about. As I no longer need to rebuild my videogame collection, I have now re-purposed this site to donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal, which I would encourage you to seriously consider. The donation button to the left has been changed, and should now take you to the Queensland Flood Appeal website.

When I see images of flood-affected Australians pulling together to rebuild and help each other out, I am reminded of a song called The Great South Land. It goes a little something like this:

This is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit

A land of red dust plains and summer rains

And to this sunburnt land, we will see a flood

And to this Great South Land, His Spirit comes


The Joker & The Thief.

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A friend of mine had his own idea of how the burglary took place, and put together this artist’s rendition of the events:

Ninja vanish!

Personally, I would have preferred to be robbed this way.  Everyone likes to think they’ve been outsmarted by the cleverest of the clever.

The Hamburglar!

Good news, everyone!

Our burglar has been apprehended by the authorities!  He was caught in the middle of robbing someone else’s house, and the police noted the presence of a large gas bottle in the back of his car.  They connected the dots and extracted from the offender the location of the stolen barbeque – a nearby pawnbroker (which will not be named here).  It seems that the burglar cashed in a few Wii games in the same transaction.  All in all, there were nine games recovered:


Return of the Burglar!

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Common wisdom suggests that felons often revisit the scene of the crime, even if it doesn’t make common sense.  In line with common wisdom, the Videogame Burglar returned to our residence on Friday the 17th of September 2010 and stole my housemate’s barbeque, worth around $400.  The burglar must have noted the barbeque’s presence on his initial visit, chained up and padlocked outside, and made a mental note to return later with bolt-cutters.  How no-one notices this stuff and reports it is beyond me, but the neighbours didn’t seem to mind the sound of smashing glass the first time round…

The good news is – assuming it’s the same person – this means that the burglar is local.  One of my neighbours came around last weekend to let me know he had seen the burglar driving away in my car and had a full mental picture of the man’s face, which is also encouraging.

So let this be a word of warning to you, Mr. Videogame Burglar: you got sloppy, and you slipped up!  You could have been anywhere, but now we know you’re in the area!  Enjoy it while it lasts, because your thieving days are numbered…


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Hey All,

Just letting you know that I’ve put up a new FAQs page, which will hopefully answer any questions you may have about this blog and its premise.  If after reading it you still have a burning question deep within your loins, drop me a line in the comments, or shoot an email over to:


Who knows, if you ask the same questions frequently enough, it may just make it to the FAQs page as well!

First write-up coming soon!




My name is Adam and I like to write about videogames.

On Wednesday the 8th of September, my videogames were stolen from me – 93 of them, in fact – along with my Wii and Xbox 360.  Oh, and I don’t have insurance (tip to all gamers: GET INSURANCE!).  The list of stolen games reads like a who’s who of current-gen titles.  Yes, unfortunately the thieves took a calm, considered approach when burgling my unit, taking only what they could offload relatively quickly for considerable sums of money.  That leaves me with only my retro games for comfort.

Retro City Ransom is about making the most of what I have.  I have old consoles and old videogames, and I have my words.  So what I am going to do – with your help – is play those old games and use those words to write about my experiences with them, in an effort to rebuild my videogame collection.  How can you help?  Well, if you like what you read even just a little bit (or even if you feel the slightest bit sorry for me), you can help by donating your spare change to my cause.  Or AU $5,000 should do the trick!  It’s up to you.

My goal is to review or write about a game in my collection at least once per week.  I hope you enjoy this experiment in crimefighting!