UPDATE: In case you haven’t read the front page yet, all of my stolen videogames were recovered by the police, so all donations now go towards the Queensland Flood Appeal.

Were your videogames all that were stolen?

Nope.  My car was also stolen, along with my camera, some bags (to carry the loot in), and whatever money was lying around the house.  The games and consoles were all I really *cared* about, but when you’ve just been robbed and you’ve got a wedding around the corner, they’re really the last things you’re going to replace.

Why are you seeking donations?

Long story short, I’m getting married soon, and I simply can’t afford to buy videogames willy-nilly like I used to.  It’s all going towards the house deposit, and I’m nowhere near there yet.  Other “more important” things I’ve lost need to be replaced.  So the money to re-buy my collection needs to be sourced from elsewhere.

You may have been robbed, but you’re not destitute.  Why bother donating?

Just think of it as a subscription.  I write, you read – I’m providing a service, and you get to decide how much it’s worth.  Most games writers get paid a salary, I only ask for what you think is reasonable.

What is your target?

It’s difficult to estimate how much it would cost to replace everything I’ve lost – the sale price of these games range from $8 to $80 Australian – but I’ll keep you updated on the rebuilding effort.  Some of them are last-gen, and will either be cheap, impossible to find, or ridiculously overpriced on eBay.  My target is to rebuy my stolen games and consoles, but I don’t expect to ever reach that target.

My other target is something I’ve always wanted to do, and that is review every single game that I own. While the burglary has put that target firmly within my grasp, I wish I could have accomplished it under more desirable circumstances!

Still haven’t answered your question? Drop me a line at ADAM [dot] REDSELL [at] GMAIL [dot] COM, or leave a comment below.


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